About Us - Arctic Circle Construction Ltd. and Arctic Circle Real Estate Ltd.
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About Us

Who We are


Arctic Circle Construction Ltd. and Arctic Circle Real Estate Ltd. (ACC and ACRE) was founded in 1993 by current president Michele Rizzi. His success is attributed to his philosophy: “Client first, quality in everything we do, never give up, take calculated risk, and give back to the community.” Today, our company has fully integrated itself with Inuit culture and we can proudly say that we are a true northern company.

Our current operations involve general contracting in the Nunavut Territory, most notably in Iqaluit, which ACC and ACRE headquarters calls home. In recent years, we have expanded our involvement in the development sector as we own and lease various properties in the city of Iqaluit, our main client being the Government of Canada. Our company’s success is defined by our belief in continuously reinvesting earnings and effective cost management. We also maintain a good relationship with the Government of Nunavut as we undertake many of its construction contracts.


ACC and ACRE’s mission is to deliver industry-leading construction projects as general contractors and to develop highly marketable rental properties, and to maintain client satisfaction by continuously respecting established schedules and budgets all while contributing to Nunavut’s economic development through the hiring of local workers.


ACC and ACRE’s vision, built on experience and innovation, is to grow its general contracting business by expanding its involvement in Nunavut’s communities through collaboration with territorial governmental relations by hiring, Inuit and Non-Inuit, local workers to develop new skills and activities in order to fulfill the challenging needs of its clients. Its growth strategy is sustained by an outstanding product and service, an involvement in the community, a highly experienced management team and its far reaching network of contacts and financing capabilities.