Services - Arctic Circle Construction Ltd. and Arctic Circle Real Estate Ltd.
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From a True Northern Company

Our competitive advantage

ACC and ACRE is located in Iqaluit, Nunavut and is recognized by the government as a NNI business. Our team is comprised of local workers and subcontractors. Our extensive experience of working throughout many communities in Nunavut permits us to understand and adjust to what can be perceived as difficult factors when tendering and planning projects . This allows us to always submit optimal pricing for our work.

Outstanding Business Fundamentals

  • Track Record

    ACC and ACRE is a registered northern company, recognized by the territorial government as a NNI company. We are known as leaders of our field in all communities of Nunavut with over two decades of experience as a general contractor and developer.

  • Team Work

    The synergy between all our local workers, local subcontractors and professionals from all across Canada ensure client expectations are always met.

  • Logistics

    ACC and ACRE has mastered all challenges of operating in Canada's Arctic with a state of the art IT infrastructure and experienced management team.

  • Financials

    Management favors reinvestment of profit to sustain long-term growth and effective cost management.

  • Risk

    ACC and ACRE employs proper advanced planing, in-depth analysis and coarse troubleshooting of projections preceding any project execution.

What We Offer

  • Development

    • Commercial | Industrial | Residential
      ACC and ACRE has performed contracts in all communities across Nunavut and has an extensive network to execute the most complex mandates.
      Our client base includes the territorial government, federal government and private corporations. Client expectations are high and we consistently surpass these expectations by delivering timely and impeccable results.
      Over the years, we have built several multidisciplinary teams that have allowed us to accrue an extensive track record in institutional, industrial, commercial and residential projects.
    • KNOW HOW
      We incorporate advanced construction methods developed over 20 years adapted to the arctic challenges such as permafrost and integrate these with a highly trained local Inuit work force.

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  • General Contractor

    • Governmental | Industrial
      Commercial | Special Projects
      Stable income from high quality tenants (Governmental) and predictable operating costs.
      Constructions are built with highest standards and employ the most modern construction techniques as to reduce all current and future maintenance costs.

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  • Material Distributor

    • Exclusive Distributor | Wholesaler | Retailer
      ACC and ACRE has mastered all challenges of operating in Canada’s Arctic with a state of the art IT infrastructure and experienced management team that will insure delivery requirements.
      Our experienced team of buyers will handle the most complex demands.

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Team Work

We recognize that a competent multidisciplinary team is instrumental to our operations. Our staff continuously delivers projects that surpass our clients’ expectations. Our multidisciplinary team provides a large scope of services to meet our clients’ ever-changing needs. We work closely with governmental authorities to utilize our local labour, promoting Training on the Job for Inuit workers. Training programs are available to all employees to obtain specialized certifications, such as health and hazard training. We believe in competitive compensation with added performance-related bonuses. We provide staff housing at our company headquarters with private bedrooms each equipped with wireless internet access, television and telephone service along with community kitchens and living rooms.


Logistics is essential to all successful companies. They permit an organization to meet deadlines and achieve expected financial performance levels. In addition to the latter, operating in isolated areas such as Nunavut, one must be even more sensitive to its logistics as mistakes can hold a much larger impact on both deadlines and performance levels. To ensure we meet all aforementioned criteria, project planning is done at least a year in advance.

Possessing 20 years of experience operating in such conditions, we are capable of foreseeing many of these inconveniences. Currently, we evaluate numerous scenarios when undertaking projects and set up measures to prevent situations of this sort from occurring: Surplus of materials in case of accidental misuse or damage; Early arrival of materials in case of transportation mishaps; Different transportation routes from various destinations, aerial or maritime, depending on project date.

We continuously follow our budget tightly to intercept and account for any unplanned events. In conjunction with excellent financing, we have a strong structure set in place to ensure that our operations are never threatened by foreseeable events.


Aside from our large inventory of construction tools and materials, we also possess various equipment such as asbestos removal equipment, latest-technology plumbing equipment, heavy equipment and a fleet of vehicles. Also at our disposal is our warehouse facility and spacious staff housing.